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Los Angeles, is the largest city of the southwestern U.S state of California.

Hitching in the Californian city of Los Angeles (LA) can be very difficult with the problem of many vagrant and "dangerous" looking individuals using this as a way to move around. And some of the most unpleasant citizens of the U.S reside in the city, so an experienced hitchhiker would watch his/her step.

Getting rides is hard and plus it's hard to hitchhike out of because of sprawl. Also, in the endless-looking traffic of the city, drivers may not want to give you a ride, or simply not see you because of tiredness or stress, or simply because they won't see you. At nights, no star is visible in the city, and not because of the lights; it's because of the extreme-levels of smoke and air pollution, and that explains the amount of vehicles in L.A.

Hitching Out


You may want to take the Metrolink train north to Oxnard and try hitchhiking along Highway 101 from there.

Hitching In

You can actually smell the city (or rather, the city's smog) when you get there.

Highway 5 is probably a good way to get rides all the way to LA from the Bay Area. trash:Los Angeles