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<map lat='48.26491251331118' lng='14.281539916992188' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='340' /> Linz is a city in Austria.

Hitchhiking out

East or South-West towards Vienna, Salzburg

  • One option is to go to the main train station of Linz and then walk from there to Waldeggstraße(2 minutes walk). Try to hitchhike from the bus station out of Linz onto the leading out of the town, at least to the rest area Ansfelden.
  • Another option is to go by tram no. 1 or 2 to the stop "Linke Brückenstraße". There walk to your right (as you exit the tram) into the Freistädter Straße. Walk for a little while and then you are on the on-ramp onto the A7 which will take you out of Linz into any direction. You can also take bus no. 33 to "Broschgasse", then you will be right next to this on-ramp.
  • Otherwise, you can take the train from Linz Hbf to Ansfelden (EUR 1.90 (01.01.2012)) and walk from there to the rest area on the A1.

If you want to go to Vienna but get a ride to the rest area Ansfelden, you have to change to the other side of the to get eastwards, therefore use the pedastrian tunnel under the Autobahn which can be found just before the restaurant. wikipedia:Linz

North towards Czech Republic Prague, Freistadt

  • The motorway entry takes a maniac to stop his car for you on the middle of the road, and Austria is not the country to wait and hope for someone to do that. So what you can do is walk towards the center on the Hafenstrasse until you reach a petrol station on your right side. Here you will find a traffic light with a good place to stop, where almost all cars pass by from the city to the motorway. Try to get a ride to Freistadt cause there you will find a perfect hitchhiking road filled with Czech cars just a few kilometers from the boarder.