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Limon is a city in Colorado. There is not much to the town itself, but the travel area on the west side of town is a superb hitchhiking hub for travel between Denver, Colorado Springs, and Kansas City. You should be able to get one direct ride to any of these cities easily from Limon. While there is a prison just south of the town on CO71, the traffic you will generally be catching is not local and will be none the wiser about this. There are signs just south of the town on CO71 heading towards Rocky Ford that warn against picking up hitchhikers due to it being a prison area, so this route might be slightly more challenging than East/West routes.

Hitching out

There are many good gas stations to ask for rides here, however people are very willing to pick up hitchhikers, and standing on the side of the road will usually get you out quicker. If you are trying to make a lot of progress (say to Utah or St. Louis) holding out for a longer ride with truckers at the truck stop is the best option.

West towards Colorado Springs

If you stand at the stoplight where business I70 intersects highway US24, you should get a ride pretty quick.

West towards Denver

To get a quick ride here stand on the ramp going onto I70 on the west side of town. Do not try the Main Street ramp on the east side of town; it is all local traffic.

East towards Kansas City

Stand on the ramp going to I70 on the west side of town. Do not try the Main street ramp on the east side of town; it is all local traffic.

Accommodation and Sleep

The bridge going over the railroad on highway US24 is the camping spot of choice for many a weary traveler. If you pay it a visit, please sign your name or write something clever under the bridge. Thewindandrain built a fire pit down by the train tracks. Feel free to use it if you can find any wood.