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Lille is in Northern France on the border with Belgium.

Hitching Out

Getting out of Lille seems to be very difficult, you might opt to take a train or bus to a nearby town, such as Arras.

A1 South toward Paris

Locals recomend trying from Rue d'Arras (metro: Porte d'Arras), but Zactalk had no luck. The curbs are high and your only chance is to catch someone at the stoplight and hop in quick.


Lille is expensive and is not very comfortable for the outdoorsperson. You probably wont have much of a problem with the police, but the drunks taking being a lunatic very seriously and they don't ever seem to pass out and leave you alone. As a result, you'll be met with all sorts of unwanted babeling conversation and one even tried to strangle Zactalk with a belt. Gare Lille Flandres is especially unhospitable.