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Liège (Dutch: Luik; German: Lüttich) is a city in the French speaking part of Belgium.

Hitching away from Liège is said to be difficult, because of the so-called Spaghetti Motorway system. On the other hand it is not impossible to get lifts along the former transit-route of the E25 straight through the city of Liege alongside the Maas-river. Provided you are familiair which used to be the pre-motorway era transit route you can quite succesfully hitch out of Liege along that transit route using a sign Lux (embourg) or Arlon heading towards the Ardennes, or a sign Vise, Maastr (icht) or NL heading north. The transit route, not marked anymore by signs "transit" these days, remains the fastest way to get through Liege by car during most of the time.

Heading North, towards Maastricht

A25 motorway access lane next to the bridge Pont de l'Atlas, about 700 meter from Liege-Bressoux trainstation. Best is to use a sign Maastr. or NL or simly a lot of selfconfidence ;)

Heading South

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