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Lawrence is a College town in Kansas situated just west of Kansas City about halfway with the State Capital Topeka along the Interstate 70.

The town is usually characterized and populated with good laid back people, lots of different kinds of music and concerts take places in this town, home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks, a good college town night life. To hang around in the city, just go downtown to Mass St. where you will find plenty of decent bars and restaurants with like minded down to earth folks.


It is illegal to hitchhike in Lawrence. Lawrence has adopted the "Standard Traffic Ordinances for Kansas Cities" set of statutes:

Sec. 69. Pedestrians Soliciting Rides or Business. (a) No person shall stand upon or along a street or highway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.

However, Lawrence is the most laid back of all Kansas cities and it is unlikely that the police will give you any trouble for hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking out

East to Kansas City

  • through the Kansas Turnpike I-70 (this route is easier if you are trying to go through Kansas City without stopping)
  • through Kansas highway 10 (this route is easier if you are trying to stop in Kansas City)

West to Topeka and Colorado

  • through the Kansas Turnpike I-70
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