La Ligua

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Hitching north, or just away from there

<map lat='-32.426938' lng='-71.329218' zoom='16' view='1' float='right'/>

There is a little "Restaurant" for truck drivers with a huge parking space (the satellite map shows it best). Although a truck driver did not gave me a lift, a car every one or two minutes passes by. There are many pickups with a huge antenna, they belong to the mines, if you are wondering what that thing is.

If you really can't get a ride, hail down one of the many buses and pay to the next major city La Serena

Bernhard got a lift from Santiago de Chile to the nice town in the middle of nothing named La Ligua. I waited maybe 20 minutes until I got an amazing ride from one of those mining cars for as many as 1500km north to Calama.

File:La Ligua2.JPG
Facing South
File:La Ligua1.JPG
Facing North)