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|motorways = [[A12 (Austria)|A12]]  
|motorways = [[A12 (Austria)|A12]]  
'''Kufstein''' is a town in [[Austria]], very close to the border with , [[Germany]].
'''Kufstein''' is a town in [[Austria]], very close to the border with [[Bavaria]], [[Germany]].
== Hitchhiking out ==
== Hitchhiking out ==

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<map lat='47.5833333' lng='12.1666667' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Austria
State: Tyrol
Population: 16,773
Licence plate: KU
Major roads: A12
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Kufstein is a town in Austria, very close to the border with Bavaria, Germany.

Hitchhiking out

North, towards Munich, Salzburg (and probably also South)

From the train station (e.g. because you took a cheap train from a city like Trento in Italy) you have to take the second street on the left. After a while you'll see a sign that says Munich. You can easily hitch on that road already. Guaka was quickly picked up and dropped off at a round-about for the motorway entrance. Here you only have to go a short distance to get to the Raststätte Inntal (service station) along the A12.

View of Kufstein