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Kraków is a city in the south of Poland.

Hitching Out

East towards Rzeszow, Przemyśl, Ukraine

<map lat='50.05405277962895' lng='19.955291748046875' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/> Hitching in this direction is easy. Take the minibus from the main post office (corner of Starowislna and Westerplatte streets) to Wieliczka (the ticket costs about 2,5 PLN) and ask the driver to let you out at the end of the city (the place where already Wieliczka starts). There is a bus stop and plenty of space to stop even for a truck. See picture.

South and southwest towards Zakopane, Bielsko-Biała, Slovakia

Take tram no. 8, direction Zakopianska, get out at the last stop, there is a small bus station. Walk direction south on Zakopianska street for a few hundred meters, then you will see a traffic light, after there is a bus stop where you can hitchhike.

Hitching from Krakow to Ukraine

If you go to Bielsko-Biała, after going 18 km in direction Zakopane by national road no. 7, you need to change the road to the west, in to direction Bielsko-Biała (national road no. 52).

West towards Katowice, Wrocław, Germany

Take the bus no. 238 (also bus 172 from Nowa Huta, Kraków North and Opolska street) until the stop Motel Krak. You can hitchhike directly from the bus stop, it's just after a roundabout so cars and truck are going slowly. There are streetlight which allow to hitchhike at night. It's better to write Katowice on your sign, not Wroclaw, seems to be easier. There are big petrol stations on the way to Katowice where drivers can drop you off if you wanna continue to direction Wrocław/Dresden/Cottbus.

You can even go further by bus one or two bus stops if you prefer to talk directly to people. There is a petrol station on the right with quite some traffic. Ask them if they head to Katowice and if they could drop you off at the first petrol station after the toll booths.

North towards Warszawa, Gdańsk

There are two common places: Start to hitchhike after the bypass on Opolska street - you can get there by buses number 139,132,172,105,102,207 - bus station name is Opolska estakada, but it is quite a busy spot. A better option is to take the bus number 217,247,277 until the stop Kuźnicy Kołłątajowskiej. Watch out because the bus does not stop at the last stop but drives on so you want to know when to get off. This stop is fantastic for a couple of reasons: there is a lot of space on the road going to the petrol station and cars are going extremely slow because there is a traffic light just ahead. You can find a direct lift to Warsaw from there.