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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg.png
Population: 82,608 (31. Dez. 2008)
Licence plate: KN
Major roads: A7, A81
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Konstanz is a city at the Lake Constance in south Germany at the Swiss border.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Switzerland, A7

To get to any city in Switzerland go to the main border and hold up your sign at the parking lot on the Swiss side. Just a couple of meters behind it the motorway A7 starts.

Many cars go to the next petrol station from there, for petrol is much cheaper in Switzerland than in Germany.

East towards Meersburg, Ravensburg

If you want to go to Ravensburg it is best to take the ferry to Meersburg (last stop of Bus No 1). It usually goes 4 times an hour, at night just once every hour. Ask the people who drive there either while waiting for the ferry or in the little café on the ship. If it is cold or raining you can wait in a heated waiting room until the ferry arrives. This is definitely the best way to get out heading east. If you are heading to Munich, you should also try here. The roads on the south side of the Bodensee are tiny, take ages and the traffic sporadic. Try and get a ride before getting off the other side, then you don't have to pay at all!

West towards A81, Singen, Stuttgart

Going west on the 33 towards the A81 Stuttgart−Singen, there is no really good place to stop. The first service area is Rasthof Hegau.

There is a good hitching spot just after the entrance to the Burger King drive thru on the B33 in Konstanz. Take a bus (number 6) to Neuwerk and you will be next to a big orange building. Go behind the building and you will see the main road - this is the B33. Turn right along that road (away from the city centre) and you will see the entrance to the Burger King drive thru. About 20m behind that, the road is in 3 lanes (before the traffic lights) and one lane is crossed out, which means that cars do not drive on this section and therefore people have the chance to stop for you here easily. Waiting times are fast (normally between 5 and 20mins) and you should wait to get a ride at least to Rasthof Hegau on the A81 as there are not really any other better spots in between. Simply holding a sign saying "Autobahn" works the best and this spot is good because it's where all roads meet that are leading out of the city towards the A81. This means you get the maximum amount of traffic possible going in the right direction but they are not going quickly because about 30m further up the road there are some traffic lights. According to JBHitch , most people seem to be travelling in the direction of Freiburg so unless you are lucky, you will need to ask to get out at Rasthof Hegau in order to go further in the direction of Stuttgart.