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Kilkenny is a city of about 26,000 in the 'Sunny South East' of Ireland. As one of Ireland's historic cities, it offers the traveller a mixture of an exciting vibrant night-life, beautiful street-scapes, great shopping opportunities and a rich cultural heritage.

Heading North (Dublin, etc.)

There are two choices you have. When you reach the traffic lights at the top of John Street-

(A)go straight through which will lead you onto Castlecomer/Athy direction. Walk a further 5-10 minutes until when you will arrive at the Newpark Hotel.There is a petrol station just before you come to the hotel so there will some room for vehicles to pull over.

(B)Go right which will take you onto the Carlow Road (Paulstown and Leighlin are on this route). Walk past the train station and a further 10 minute up the hill, past the Health Board. You will then reach a roundabout, go straight through and anywhere after the roundabout, there is space to be picked up.,-7.26059&hl=en&geocode=&gl=ie&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=12&sll=52.65452,-7.241364&sspn=0.103717,0.219727&ie=UTF8&z=12

Heading South (Cork, etc.)

Go to College Road where St Kieran's College is located. That road leads to the Ring Road. Get by Hotel Kilkenny, straight through the roundabout and anywhere on the side of the road, you will be lucky. This road leads to Callan, Clonmel, Cahir where you will then probably drive on to the main Cork-Dublin road.

Also this road leads to Carrick On Suir and Dungarvan. You will have to ask your driver to let you off at the junction about 10 miles before Clonmel so you can take that route. It's just after Grangemockler.

Heading South (Waterford, etc.)

Walk up Patrick St in the town centre. Thats the Waterford Road!!! Walk a further 15-20minutes to reach the Ring Road. Go straight and anywhere out that road is fine to be picked up, from Springhill Hotel onwards out to the rugby club

Heading West (Limerick, etc.)

Go out to St Luke's Hospital on Freshford Road. Its near the greyhound track. Anywhere opposite the hospital or even a little further down, there is a petrol station. There is space all along that road for people to pull in.