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Johannesburg, Joburg, Joeys, Jozy, Egoli, iGoli which means “place of gold”, is a town in South Africa.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Springs, Mbabane (Swaziland) on the N17; St Lucia, Richards Bay on the N2; or Durban on the N3

Walk or get a local taxi bus towards Rosettenville, and get to Wemmer Pan Road (parallel to Rosettenville Road). Here you'll find the beginning of the N17 freeway (with a road sign saying Springs) and a nice hitchspot perfumed by the huge city dump. You can take the N17 all the way to Mbabane, capital of Swaziland, or switch to the N2 in Ermelo if you're going to the East Coast (Saint Lucia, Richards Bay). If you're going to Durban, you can ask to be dropped just a couple of kms after the beginning of the N17, where it meets the N3 - there's a nice little toll to hitch from, but little traffic. There might be a better hitch spot to Durban though.