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'''{{Jardin}}''' is a city in [[Colombia]].  
'''Jardin''' is a city in [[Colombia]].  
== Hitchhiking out ==
== Hitchhiking out ==

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Jardin is a city in Colombia.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Medellin

Just go at the gas station at the end of the village. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to get a ride.

South towards Riosucio, Manizales

There is indeed a road going up the mountain that goes directly South to Riosucio. But you need to know that this is a very muddy road which takes around 3 hours for 50kms. Not many cars pass through, but the few cars that pass will nearly 100% stop. In Riosucio, you reach again the highway and normal roads

Accommodation and Sleep

Two streets from the central place, there is a path that goes down to the river. Over there is a very nice wild camping place. You have spaces for tents and hammock, and water from the river. You can also probably make a campfire. Nobody comes here at night and it is safe. Just some hikers in the morning.