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'''Interstate 70''' is a East-West major motorways beginning in [[Maryland]] on the west side of [[Baltimore]] and finishing in [[Utah]] in the Rocky Mountains at the junction with the [[I-15]]. It is a major route for a cross country travel between the East Coast/[[New England]] area and the West Coast.
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This motorways with a length of more than 3500km also has many spur highway connectors in the various states and cities crossed as matter to reach various areas or avoid cities.
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The I-70 crosses the following states and major cities:
**Southern [[Pittsburgh]] Area
**[[St. Louis]]
**[[Kansas City]]
== Hitching the '''I-70''' ==
*'''(1) {{Ramp}} '''
*'''(2) {{Ramp}} '''
*'''{{junction}}  '''
**Chance to get on to the highway .
*'''(3) {{Ramp}} '''
*'''{{gas}}{{rest}} '''
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{{IsIn|United States}}

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