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<map lat="52.722869752002" lng="6.4853102185329" zoom="12" />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Drenthe.png
Population: 38,389
Major roads: A28 E 232, A37 E 233
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Hoogeveen is a city in Drenthe, located at the junction of the motorways A28 and A37. The A37 connects to the German A31 near Meppen.

Hitching out

North towards Groningen / South/West towards Ommen, Zwolle

Use on-ramp 26 on the A28, located near on the Schutstraat. Northbound is on the eastern side of the highway, south and westbound on the western side.

East towards Emmen, Germany

Walk all the way through the city on the Meester Cramerweg to the eastern on-ramp, no. 1 on the A37.