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Holbox is a island and town in Mexico.

Getting in and out

The only way in/out is a ferry from Chiquila that cost 150 mexican pesos (Sep 2019) but you can ask a local to get one for you in 80 pesos.

Accommodation and Sleep

Doing wild camping is very easy in the beach out of town. Follow the east side of the aerodromo and get the first path to the right, get past some hotels and turn left before stepping again into town. Continue for 20 minutes and you will arrive to a beach where nobody will bother. Go before sunset as the mosquitoes are abundant there.

Other useful info

Eating cheap in the center is possible in the Cooperativa Holbox, a place orange in the south street of the main square, half block west; it has written “Pescaderia Reastaurante” in the front.