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Let's do a mobile app/webpage for Hitchwiki Maps! Please fill this document with all your ideas.

  • Mobile wiki works now:
  • A good address for mobile maps would be ?
  • See who are working on this from the projects page

Feature ideas

  • See nearby hitchhiking places on a map by searching a city / GPS
    • See details like description, comments, waitingtimes, hitchability...
  • See where you are (GPS) and save a HH-spot to there
  • Record your waitingtime
  • Rate the place's hitchability
  • Comment the place
  • Take a picture of the place
  • Let your friends see where you are (safety aspect)
    • Would let drivers to see from a map if there's a hitchhiker nearby
  • Offline possibilities

(offline application for finding hitching spots on-the-move would be great! there is a commercial app for iphone users called pocket earth which also utilizes open street map for offline map use, is there any possibility for combining hitchwiki map data with this app?)