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Hitchwiki:Migrating content to other wikis



  • Jan 31 2015 - Right now links from Hitchwiki to and are quite hidden, but that’s about to change with new version of Hitchwiki we’re developing now. Therefore we're calling for help to migrate non-hitching related contents out from Hitchwiki and creating links between all these wikis!
  • Dec 2016 Outlook: in that brand new hitchwiki 2.0 the maps are highly integrated with mediawiki (API extension, on github) and there are plenty of client libraries to access that API already. Under the hood are wiki articles with semantic mediawiki tags distinguishing them from the rest of content. First we make sure users are able to save spots, comments, waiting times, hitchability ratings, etc. Later on, with the api working and the app is good, a new version comes up with the option to sync the saved spots with Hitchwiki.
  • Oct 2017 We made some progress towards a public beta. Check it out: Next we'll import current dumps from HW. Let us know, if you want to help testing. (PHP and database skills wanted but not necessary)

Want to help?


Content about dumpster diving goes to Trashwiki. Content about shoe string budget traveling, where to wild camp / sleep, which are cool bars to go etc goes to Nomadwiki.

Look trough Hitchwiki articles with content better suited for Nomadwiki and Trashwiki, like

and add either migrate contents or add template tags which will let people know to do so.

You need to create accounts for each wiki separately.

Add these tags to the end of articles which should be migrated:


See lists of pages which are tagged with these: move to Nomadwiki & move to Trashwiki.

Linking between wikis

To create links between wikis, add these codes to the end of the article in each wiki:

[[nomad:Article name]]
[[trash:Article name]]
[[hitch:Article name]]

You don't need to add [[hitch:]] to Hitchwiki article and [[trash:]] to Trashwiki and so on.

You can also link to Wikipedia and Wikivoyage:

[[wikipedia:Article name]]
[[wikivoyage:Article name]]

Make first sure the article exists in each wiki.

What sort of contents...?

As a edit-summary text you can write short notice "Moving contents to"

When you move contents from Hitchwiki, you can leave some short intro text and tell people to read more from other wikis, for example:

Norway is a great country for dumpster diving, read more from Trashwiki.

Especially about borders it's good to have something written shortly to Hitchwiki as well.

But why?

It's generally okay to have other than hitching related infos at Hitchwiki if it supports Hitchhikers (stealth camping etc). However, since we're anyway maintaining these other wikis, having duplicate content doesn't make sense. Many shoe-string travellers are not hitchhikers.

In future these contents will be cross-linked tighter together and presented next to each other at Perhaps even the user logins will work together for all wikis.


If you have questions, you can ask at the chat (be patient, we usually reply slowly) or write to the discussion page.

Thank you!