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''Here you are welcome to mention '''current hitchhiking events''', such as big [[hospitality exchange]] camps, [[hitchhike competitions]] or meet-ups.''
* [http://gathering.digihitch.com/ Hitchhiker Happenings] - Digihitch information about hitchhiking events in North America. Get details about upcoming gatherings of hitchhikers, or learn about past events.
* [http://www.digihitch.com/new.html This Week on digihitch] - new stories, travel tips, recommended links, biographies and travel terms - all posted within the last 7 days.
* [http://secure.hospitalityclub.org/hc/forum.php?SelectedCategory=42 Hospitality Club meetings]
* [http://couchsurfing.com/meetings.html CouchSurfing meetings]
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