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  • Main organisation platform is this wiki page. Here you can collect/present proposals and use the talk page
  • Other communication channels are the mailing list, Signal-group and the Facebook group. Please transfer all relevant info to the wiki page.

Winter gathering

Because it's the end of the year, the date and the length for which people can go to an HG change widely. This, in return, allows the winter gatherings to be more "cosy".

Here are some options so far. Of course, there will not only be one hapenning. Don't hesitate to add:

  • Pre-winter-gathering in Jura mountains / other mountains. 16-23 December 2022 so people can go have Christmas with family in Western Europe.
  • NYE gathering in Bad Gastein 26 December to beginning of January or more.
  • NYE gathering in Norway's Nord Cape (actually Cape Nordkinn) hut. Can't be more "winter".

Main Gathering

A reunion gathering of the HG 2011 in Kara Dere was announced on the Hitchgathering facebook group.

Invitation from the facebook group:

"Hello dear friends & hitchfamily, maybe some of you don't know, but this group actually started after the 2011 hitchgathering that was happening at Kara Dere Beach in Bulgaria. Ca. 150 people came and for many of us it was a life changing event that greatly impacted the next years of our lives. We formed some friendships that are still strong today and had several post-gatherings that also resulted in the a-flat nomad base in Berlin, an open house for hitchhikers that existed all through 2012. This year, 11 years after '11, we will have a reunion hitchgathering at Kara Dere Beach in Bulgaria, the same location as the 2011 hitchgathering. In the spirit of the hitchgathering, this is of course an invitation open to all hitchhikers. We meet at 05/08/22, at Kara Dere Beach Bulgaria."

More info about the location: Hitchgathering/2011#The_Location

Attention! We realized that on hitchwiki and the mailing list there are the old coordinates from the 2011 hitchgathering, but actually we are camped in a foresty bit 2km further down the beach direction north.Updated, correct coordinates are:

42.909649, 27.896114

Description: It's possible to hitchhike on the track further north that ends in the forest, we are very close by just a bit south from there in the trees. If you come from the beach you will maybe see a makeshift cardboard sign saying hitchgathering where the path leads up from the sandy beach to the trees. You can see hammocks up there.

Pre- and Postgatherings

  • Pregatherings in Switzerland were announced on E-Mail/Signal
  • There's 13th Polish Hitchhikers Gathering happening between 23/09 and 25/09 at campsite in Kostkowice, Jura, Poland (50.59183364677336, 19.584485004688464) and everybody is welcome to come! There's fb event where you can find most info, and for those of you not using fb here's basic info. If you want to see what it's like here are some videos from last years: