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Hitchgathering is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008.

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Beloved brothers and sisters of the hitchhiking tribe!

The Hitchgathering is a yearly European festival that celebrates hitchhiking, hitchhikers and connected values such as faith in humanity and wanderlust. This is the 11th year.

For the first time the Hitchgathering will happen at the area of a Rainbow Gathering, more precisely the national Rainbow of Serbia. The gathering of the tribes meets the gathering of the thumbs!

The Hitchgathering lasts from 1 till 14 August, with 5 till 11 August the central week, when we expect the most of you being here!

Should you like to arrive earlier or stay longer, добродошли (dobrodošli) - welcome, the Serbian Rainbow Family of Living Light welcomes you at the same place from 18 July till 21 August!

(European Hitchgathering and Serbian Rainbow Gathering happen at the same place and time, the place which we will share).

At the location there will be drinkable tap water. Dumpster diving will probably not be so interesting. We can buy at cost price really cheap food (it's Serbia!) from the local farmers and this will be cheap. The Rainbow would help us with that, as they of course are taking care of healthy food anyway.

In the area there are several streams, we will see how suitable they are for swimming or washing.

Although it's a hitchgathering, there is no ban on non-vegetarian food and no ban on smoking and drinking a bit of alchol.

There are fields and wooded land on which we will camp.


Razana near Kosjerić, very close to national road 21 44°03'59.1"N 19°55'58.7"E https://goo.gl/maps/yhfKCTT789D2

Serbia 2018.png

How to get to the gathering! From road 21: 2 km south of Razana there's a bridge just before / after a 90 degree bend. From that bridge walk north (towards Razana) 280 meters, then turn right on a small asphalted road going slightly uphill (a single white house stands here next to the road). After 300 meters there's a smaller road splitting off left which you take. It's exactly under the third high voltage line you pass coming from the main road. Now walk straight on for about 1 kilometer, you will pass by some farms and orchards. When you reach the open fields turn left and you will soon be at the Rainbow Hitchgathering! Peace!

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Gathering is 130 km south of the motorway Zagreb-Belgrade (A1 exit 4, Pyмa (Ruma)), 145 km west of the motorway Belgrade-Sofia (A1 exit Пожаревац (Požarevac)), 120 km SSW of Belgrade

Travelling to the gathering from far away: consider taking one of the three daily trains from Beograd Centar or from Resnik (last at 19:35 / 19:53) to the station Razana. Resnik is on the new A1 motorway and there actually is a busstop on the A1. From that busstop it's a 2.5 km walk to the station. The old motorway runs just behind Beograd Centar station and there is a petrol station only 0.3 km from that station. The ticket for 120 km is just under 500 RSD (4.25 euro). From station Razana, you walk along the railway track to the main road 21, turn left until you reach the bridge, and further directions are above! ;-) It's 4 km if you walk from the station to the gathering.

More info, links

  • As a preparation, please join the Rainbow Serbia 2018 group! This contains good information to take note of, including a Word document.
  • Road map of Serbia


  • Hitchhiking guide to Serbia



20-22 July, somewhere in Slovenia

  • looking for a location proposal, got one?
  • n0id is trying to organize it

20-25 June, Årjäng, Sweden

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