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Hitchgathering 2011
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On the B side (of the chosen flyer design) could be two headings:


  • Dangerous
  • Begging
  • Just getting from A to B
  • Etc. (common misconceptions)


  • An adventure
  • Sometimes tough
  • Always rewarding
  • A school of life
  • Connecting people
  • Proof of kind humankind
  • Free(dom)
  • etc. (common experiences)


We could make it a survey for the driver to fill out after the hitcher left, then sent to the Gathering Itself. Then you can build more ideas what that elusive animal "the driver" thought about all the riders.

Might be easier for some people to fill in the survey on the website (no need to send snailmail overseas). We can add a link like hitchgathering.org/driver-survey for those who prefer it that way.’