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* [[Mönchengladbach]]
* [[Mönchengladbach]]
* [[Hannover]]
* [[Hannover]]

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You can now embed parts of Liftershalte.info into articles on hitchwiki. It's quite simple:

  • Go to http://www.liftershalte.info/, zoom to the place you want to embed and if you want, add some markers.
  • Click on link here in the gray bar on the top.
  • There is a tag for hitchwiki. Just copy&paste it to your article.

  • Note that this feature works only for users with javascript enabled browsers.

There are some more parameters, that you can add:


To put in on the right of the page.


To change the size.

If something doesn't work for you or you have questions, please contact MrTweek.

For some examples, see these articles: