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Help:Add pictures

Adding Pictures

A picture found at Wikimedia Commons

Your own pictures

Two options:

Uploading at Wikimedia Commons is preferred since it saves Hitchwiki bandwidth and the pictures can also be used on the many projects that are part of Wikimedia, such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

Upload to this wiki

  1. Click on Upload file on the bottom menu bar
  2. After uploading the image you can see your photo.
  3. Add Categories to it by hitting edit.
  4. To add the image to a page or your profile copy this code and replace XX by the name of your image

From Wikimedia Commons

We prefer to have pictures that are somehow related to hitchhiking but it's nicer to have some picture than none. Once you have found a picture at Wikimedia Commons it's title will look like File:Some Filename.jpg. You can simply copy that and add it as [[File:Some Filename.jpg]] on any page at Hitchwiki. You can also do fancier things like [[File:Some Filename.jpg|thumb|300px|Description]].