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Harrisburg (Pennsylvania)

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<map lat='40.26695230509778' lng='-76.8603515625' zoom='9' view='3' float='right' /> Harrisburg is a city in Pennsylvania, USA.

Hitching Out

Harrisburg has a lot of places to start off on interstates (I-83, I-81) or the turnpike. People are generally nice and will pick you up in no time.

Getting a ride to Philadelphia or south is no problem. Going west or north is a bit more difficult.

Duncannon (Appalachian Trail)

Accessing the AT in Duncannon is super easy hitchhiking. Taking a cab will set you back $60 so under no circumstances do this!

From the train station, head out and back under the train track on Market Street. Take a left on the 230 and follow this road northbound. There is a gas station on the right side quite soon after the station, but if you continue on down for another 20-30 minutes you will hit a better one. This gas station is just after a major junction, so cars slow down by it. You can stand here with a sign to Duncannon or ask people at the gas station. The journey takes about 30 minutes to reach Duncannon.