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{{Infobox Israeli Location
|country = Israel
|district = Haifa District
|map = <map lat='32.815' lng='35.03' zoom='11' view='2' country='Israel'/>
|pop = metropolitan area: 1,039,000 (2007)
|highways = 2
'''Haifa''' is a city in [[Israel]].
'''Haifa''' is a city in [[Israel]].

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<map lat='32.815' lng='35.03' zoom='11' view='2' country='Israel'/>
Flag of Israel
District (mahoz): Haifa District
Population: metropolitan area: 1,039,000 (2007)
Major roads: 2
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Haifa is a city in Israel.

Hitching Out

North or East

Get to the "Check-Post" Junction near Lev Hamifratz central station and go to the bus stop in the east of the junction and hitchhike the traffic that is heading east. After you hitchhiked out you can continue to the north through Yagur junction through the rural areas.

Notice that if you try to continue northwards (on Road #4 to Akkra/Akko) then it is very difficult to find a good ride, since there are plenty of service taxis serving this route, like 1 taxi every 30 seconds, and drivers seem to assume you try to stop them. This problem does not apply to hitchhiking towards Nazareth on Road #75.

South towards Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Get to Hof Hacarmel Central Bus Station (very easy to get there by bus, 5.50 shekels). From the CBS you need to get to the beach (through the underground tunnel of the train station), and walk along the beach for a few minutes, until you see the Microsoft building to your left. Then you should climb to the highway, walk a little to the south, and when you see a place where cars can stop, start thumbing.