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<map lat='45.18252082160239' lng='5.720787048339844' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Grenoble is a city in France of more than 500 000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

Hitchhiking out

Direction: Torino, Geneve (North, East) A41, A43

The spot is a roundabout, next to some traffic lights, right at the beginning of the A41, including traffic lights to ask. You reach the place on a tram (cant remember the number, maybe C or C1? look at any maps at transport stops for stop Carronnerie Basse, its in the north, slightly east, from the city centre). You have to buy a ticket for 3 euros. There is not so much space for cars to stop and pick up the hikers, in general not the best place to hitchhike but works with a sign and asking people while waiting for the green :)

Second solution: the gas station Elf "les Sablons" on the D1090/Avenue de Verdun. You can reach it by walking (cross the road or take the bridge :)), by tramway (Stop at "Grand Sablon" and then walk) or by standing at the traffic lights on the beginning of the D0190, next to the big stadium. A lot of people are not going so far but I've always got drop at least to the next petrol station on the A41, before Brignoud, which is a really good spot to go further in direction of Chambéry, Annecy, Genève, etc.

Direction: Valence, Lyon, Marseille (North, West, South) A48, A49, A43, A7

You have to get to the spot that's indicated in the map. From train station you'll have to take Rue Casimir Brenier till Cours Jean Jaures, heading left over the bridge (Pont de la porte de France), putting yourself on the square Aristide Briand. It's a middle class roundabout that works quite. I would put myself right next to the traffic lights asking people while it's red instead of putting yourself as indicated a little farther. From there it's not far to the peage and even an petrol station just before, where you get a lift towards Lyon/Valence for sure.

Direction: Marseille (South) A51, D1075

The easiest way to get out of the city is to take bus number 17 to "La cime du bourg". It's about 20 kms from the city-center but it cost as much as all the other city buses ( +/- 1,5 euro ). From the bus-stop, walk back 50 meters to the roundabout. It's the perfect place to hitch-hike. It usually work pretty well in that place so don't go with the first car if it's going only to the next village.

Other traveling infos

They are all to be found on the Nomadwiki page! trash:Grenoble