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Template:Gniezno is a city in Poland. It is situated some 50 km east of Poznań, and inhabited by about 70,000 people. One of the Piasts' chief cities, it was mentioned by 10th century A.D. sources as the capital of Piast Poland (in Dagome Iudex) however the first capital of Piast realm was most likely Giecz built around 840s A.D. Its Roman Catholic archbishop, the Archbishop of Gniezno, is the Primate of Poland. These historical facts make its position in Polish history similar to Canterbury or Rheims.

Gniezno is located in the Greater Poland Voivodeship (since 1999), previously in Poznań Voivodeship. The city is the administrative capital of the Gniezno County (powiat).

Hitching out

As the main road E261 inside Gniezno is built as a highway, it is hard to hitchhike in the city, so it is very good decision to walk out or take public transport.

= North towards Bydgoszcz, Torun, Gdansk

If you go towards Bydgoszcz take a walk from citycentre by the lake Winiary until the end of the lake and then continue by the path until you come to the road. This is the best way to go to the crossroad for Bydgoszcz because you can't walk next to the road.