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Gildehaus is a tiny village in the German Bundesland Lower Saxony, very close to the Dutch border. It's the last village before the border.

Sights are very much limited by a nice Imbiss-Bude near the Schlecker market, and the (unused) train station building.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='52.298401751549996' lng='7.101631164550781' zoom='13' view='0' float='right' />

East: Oldenzaal (Netherlands), Gronau, West: Bad Bentheim

In the city, there's only one main street (L39 - Hengeloer Stra├če), going to the Dutch border and towards the city of Bad Bentheim. If you're lost here, just walk to the end of town and stand next to the roads. Maybe a sign saying NL would help, because many Dutch people are living or working in this area.

For going to the highway make a sign with A30, but it's recommended to take the way to the next ramp via Bad Bentheim, because the Gildehaus ramp is more empty and mostly used by industrial traffic.


  • Platschi hitchhiked here on a Sunday evening (8 June 2008), just before the first EURO 2008 match of Germany. No way to get picked up, waited for more than half an hour. A few German cars full with people and some Dutch cars not stopping. Very few traffic in this little village. A sign NL or Gronau would help a lot. Don't try it on sundays here. Nevertheless he made it on time to Enschede to watch the match, just 5min before kick-off.