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{{infoneeded|Ever hitchhiked out of Fürth? Tell us how!}}
{{infoneeded|Ever hitchhiked out of Fürth? Tell us how!}}
{{Infobox German Location
{{Infobox German Location
|country = Germany
|country = Germany

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Ever hitchhiked out of Fürth? Tell us how!
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Thuringia.png
Population: 102,733 (31 Dec 2006)
Licence plate: G
Major roads: A4
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Gera is a city in Thüringen.

Hitching Out

One option from Gera would be to travel via train or bus to the Hermsdorfer Kreuz. From here you easily get lifts North or South or quite often East or West. From the station in Hermsdorf its a 45 minute walk. Alternatively take a bus from Hersdorf or from Gera to "Hermsdorf Fußweg Ratshof" and walk the remaining 5 minutes to the service area.