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Flag of Sweden
County (län): Västra Götalands län
Population: 501,500
Major roads: E6, E20, E45
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Göteborg is the second-largest city in Sweden, with a large alternative music scene and underground party culture.

Hitching out

North towards Oslo

If you're still in the city-center, you can try getting a lift from the petrol station located close to this roundabout (near to Ullevi Narra, the big stadium) where cars are going in many directions, some of which might go to Oslo. However, most of the cars coming from the roundabout are going very very fast, and it's hard for them to stop on the street here. And, most cars at the petrol station next to it are just staying inside the city at this point. However, there is another service station, STIGS CENTER, just a few kilometers out farther (from where you enter the motorway at this point), which is much much better for traffic & cars going towards Oslo. It is also larger and has a lot more room for cars to stop and pull over from the street. So, one possibility is to try asking drivers to drop you off at this service station (see location of here (marked as Q (or K?)). There are also a few buses which go there, one of which is "402 Alvangen". Could just ask the bus drivers which goes to Stigs center, and the bus stop is directly on the onramp to the motorway so you just step off the bus and hitch!

A good day to get a ride to Oslo is probably a Sunday since many Swedes are home in Göteborg over the weekend, and on Sundays head back to Oslo for work.

North towards Karlstad via E45

There's a very good hitchhiking spot right aftera a crossing 2 km west from Hammarkullen, which is on the way with the tram to Angered. There used to be a bus stop right after the crossing with traffic lights. Now it's just a good spot for the cars to drive aside while coming at low speed. The closest tram stop is the one at Hammarkullen on the way to Angered. If one has a period card and can go with bus, then Eliebergsvägen with bus 401 from Angered takes you right next to it. Here is the spot on google maps.

The "slow road" (E20) to Stockholm

This point may not look like much, but there is a lot of heavy traffic entering this on-ramp at all times. The reason why this exact spot works particularly well is because of a traffic light that naturally stops the vehicles that turn in here. If you stand just alongside where they're turning in, they'll have time to see you and pull out of line onto the tram tracks for a few seconds. Make sure to use a sign.

The E20 is not a fast or big motorway, but an excellent route to truly see the Swedish countryside from.

A possibly better spot is Munkebäcksmotet (marked on map) to get a ride out of town, at least to Alingsås because the freeway ends there and you can continue hitchhiking on the road. To get to Munkebäcksmotet from The Central Station take bus number 513 or 515 to direction Polhemsplatsen (costs 16,50 SEK but it is possible to blackride as well). Or take the tram to Munkebäckstorget and walk north 10 minutes from there. Many have difficulties getting anywhere at all from this spot. It is very difficult since most people travel very short distances, mostly to Lerum and Partille. This spot may be difficult. Try to get to Alingsås if possible.

Munkbäcksmotet is a bus stop on the sliproad going down to the motorway. You can stand at the bus stop if there's nobody waiting for a bus, but it's probably better to stand uphill 10 or 20 metres from the bus stop, so that cars don't think you're waiting for a bus and have time to react and then pull in to the bus stop. Using a sign will also help you look less like a person waiting for a bus.

Note: Peregrine, a lone female traveler had no luck in 2013 after hours of trying the forementioned spots in the rain, until she tried Munkebäcksmotet, which is a bus stop on an on-ramp to E20. There she only waited 20 minutes. However, the ride only went to Vara, which was nearly impossible to hitch hike from, as there is no spot for drivers to pull off from and the cars fly past at 100 km/h. Luckily someone did pick her up after 2 hours of her dancing and jumping and trying everything with a funny sign...he went to Södertällje which was close but meant black riding on a commuter train and bus into the city. So this is just a fair warning to those attempting to hitch hike on E20 - find a ride going the whole way, and the spots mentioned above may not work on rainy days. A pedestrian warned her that drivers would not stop at the main spot mentioned above as the way to pick up a hitch hiker there is illegal, just as is stopping on the motorway - and Swedes don't like disobeying rules. So, take all of this with a grain of salt and be prepared to sleep in a barn in Vara...

South towards Malmö, Denmark, Germany

Option 1 From the Central Station get on the the commuter train towards Kungsbacka. Get off after about 10 minutes in Kållered, When you get off the train you'll see a Netto on the other side of the road which has excellent dumpsters should you need to acquire some food. To get to the hitching spot you just walk under the tracks and continue for another 100 meters or so until after you cross the highway where you turn left directly and follow the highway for about 5-10 minutes. You'll walk past Ikea and and a petrol station which, though it's by the highway, has almost only locally bound traffic on so don't expect to much. Instead just walk up the hill and hitch at the on-ramp. Any ride that's 5 or more kilometers is good as it will take you to Sandsjöbacka rest area which is one of the best places to find a ride to directly to Malmö or even Denmark and Germany. Bear in mind that Sandsjöbacka is the last rest area for at least 60 kilometers that's on the highway so it's much recommended to stop there to avoid getting stuck at a small on-ramp somewhere.

footsore got a lift all the way to Malmö from here within 20 minutes at 7am on a Saturday morning.

Option 2 Take the bus ("grön express" recommended, stops by just a few meters from the trucks) to "Stigs center" north of Göteborg. A lot of trucks stop by to pause here and there's a good chance you'll get a ride. Or if you want to hitch from town, many hitchhikers have found the petrol station on the large crossing where the road Ullevigatan joins the E20 was a great spot.

Liftarkungen thinks that the best place to start hitchhiking south from Göteborg is "Sandsjöbackamotet", which is situated south of Mölndal. However it is timeconsuming and quit an adventure to get there. Use www.hitta.se or googlemaps in order to find directions. Or see Sandsjöbackamotet.

Ferries : South towards Denmark, Germany

There are ferries going all the time to Denmark (Fredrikshavn) and Germany (Kiel) from the Stena Line terminal. Take tram 9, 3 or 11 to Masthuggstorget or just start from "Järntorget". From there walk towards the water and find the place where trucks and cars drive onto the ferries. Check-in starts 1.5 h before ferry departure, so be on time! (but drivers can still go in about 20 minutes before..). Have a sign with the country of destination on it. The best thing is that vehicles don't pay any extra for up to five passengers. There's about 4 ferries daily (seemingly more in summer) to Fredrikshavn and 1 to Kiel. Ask in the Stena Line office or check out the webpage http://www.stenaline.se/ or in English http://www.stenaline.co.uk/ferry/ For your sign, write GRATIS under the DK. Most drivers won't know it's free to take another passenger.

On the ferry to Fredrikshavn, you have 2 hrs to find a ride (visit the truckers special area) south, at least to the excellent trucker terminal heaven of Padburg, on the Danish/German border.

Stena Line Ferries towards Kiel

For the ferries towards Kiel, Germany the drivers don't need to pay extra for you, but you have to book a cabin, which are available from 225 SEK upwards. The ferry is leaving every day at 19:00. If you hitchhike with a truckdriver you can get a special deal. The deal is basically that you pay approximately 250 SEK (an unknown editor of this page paid 253 a long time ago) and you get the following things included in the price.

  • The crossing (710 SEK)
  • Big all inclusive buffe (310 SEK)
  • Big breakfast buffe (105 SEK)
  • A small lunch-box to-go when you leave the ferry. (90 SEK)
  • A cabin that is to be shared with your driver.

Probably a fairly luxurious cabin.(prices for the most basic ones start at 740 for a 2 bed-cabin ( there are no cabins with 1 bed) All in all you end up getting a 85-90% discount and a lot of superfluous luxury. However it might be difficult too find a driver who let you go as his/her's second driver. You could try to convince the drivers when they wait to board the ferry. They board the ferry about 1-2 hours before departure.

Stena Line ferries to Fredrikshavn

Ferry to Kiel

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