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French Guiana

French Guiana is an overseas region of France in South America.

Flag of French Guiana French Guiana
Language: French
Capital: Cayenne
Population: 202,000
Currency: Euro ( € )
Hitchability: Verygood.png (very good)
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Even the Lonely Planet says that hitchhiking is doable, so unlike the former British colony Guyana (which is considered rather unsafe), you can stick out your thumb without too much worries. Naturally, it helps if you can speak French.

There are borders with Suriname and Brazil.

Wisdomseeker has hitchhiked in French Guiana - it is certainly 'doable'. It is generally a safe country (technically an overseas department of France).

Nveselinov has hitchhiked in French Guiana - it is very good. The most of the peoples are very good. I traveled from Kouru to St. George (the border town with Brasil). There were not many cars in the area near the border, but every 3-4th car takes you. I went form Kouru to St. George for 4,5 hours.

Carry_On_My_Wayward_Thumb has hitchhiked in French Guiana - One of the best places to hitch in all of the mainland Americas. On par with Ecuador and Nicaragua as far as ease and friendliness of your rides. Some cars stopped for me before I even put my thumb out! Only issue is the remoteness east of Cayenne. If you get stranded you will be very far from everything. Definitely bring plenty of water, some snacks and sun protection because even though people are willing to pick you up, there aren't many cars going east to the border with Brazil. From St Laurent to Kourou took me three hours, Kourou to St George took me four.