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Francisco de Sá Carneiro is the airport of Porto.

Hitching Out

<map lat='41.236705' lng='-8.668385' zoom='15' view='0' float='right' height='300' /> The obvious way to get a ride from here is to ask around in the terminal or on the car park in front of the terminal, one of the exit roads from the car park leads directly to the A41/IC24, which, going west leads to the A28/IC1 North-South motorway from the border at Portuguese-Spanish border at Gondarem to Lisbon and, going east, to the E01/A3/IP1, motorway from A Coruna in Spain via Lisbon to, eventually, Sevilla in Spain.

There is only one pedestrian entrance/exit, and it's probably not the best place to hitch-hike. Your best bet is to turn left after exiting the airport and walk around 2.5 km along the N107 to the junction with the A41/IC24. Holding up a sign while walking will improve your chances. Once on the junction, you can turn west towards ate A28/IC1 or east towards the E01/A3/IP1, both described above.

Personal Experiences

It took prino and his partner Inga, walking along the N107 with a sign only minutes to get a ride to Braga on 4 June 2008.