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Essaouira is a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco.

Hitching out

The roundabout for all directions is on Boulevard Mohammed V. a few hundred meters south of the swimming beach and its associated buildings like the Sofitel hotel and Mobil station.

East to Marrakesh

The road east to Marrakesh goes along the R207 road. Right at the south east corner of the city there is a roundabout where cars can stop easily. At a small distance from there seems to be a popular spot for police patrols, which makes it unlikely that people pick up hitchhikers. Locals recommend the petrol station to the west, which works fairly well.

South to Agadir

For Agadir, there are two options.

The N1 national road runs directly south along the coast to Agadir. However, there is often little traffic on this road.

One might try instead to hitch with a Marrakesh-bound car along the R207 until the town of Chichaoua, approximately 100 kilometers from Essaouira. Nearly all traffic between Marrakesh and Agadir passes through Chichaoua, where it turns onto the N8 highway going south, so one can easily hitch on from there.