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Next to the parkinglot is a bridge (this view) and if you keep on walking a roundabout.

Near the lovely town Elton is the M56. This leads you either west or east. There is a nice gas station, where it is supposed to be a nice spot to get a ride. Walk around and ask people. The part for the trucks is on the other side. You won't see to the town, as there are high trees.

Bernhard waited at the gas station as there is a street where all cars have to pass through. Referring to the picture, the trucks are comming from the street on the right, the cars from the street where the van is coming from.

He waited long 3 hours (!) until he got a ride close to Holyhead where the ferry departures to Ireland. He tried all of the listed below options:

  • Go to the trucks and ask around
  • Go to the car parking lot and ask around
  • The best spot to wait (with a sign), is where the backpack is in the picture. The cars have to stop before they enter the street.
  • Keep on walking left, you will come to a huge roundabout. Stand here - in the sun, without a bit of shade.
  • Keep on walking over the bridge (see picture) and there is another roundabout. Go there and hope for your luck - in the sun.
  • Go back to the nice spot and hope again for luck.

Bernhard did not try this, but it would have been his next step:

  • On the picture is a van, there is a street on the right. ALL cars pass through this street. They have to stop there as there is a stop sign. Go to this sign and write on a piece of paper a message for the drivers, which you attach under the sign, for example:
    • "Hitch-hikers are mostly nice people, pick one up if you randomly see one"
    • "This guy over there waited for 1, 2, 3 hours" (cross out the 1 and the 2)
    • "He is Austrian, and cute!"
    • "Stop over there as well!"