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Flag of El Salvador El Salvador
Language: Spanish
Capital: San Salvador
Population: 7.1 million
Currency: United States dollar ($)
Hitchability: <rating country='sv' />
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<map lat='13.8333' lng='-88.9167' zoom='7' view='0' country='El Salvador'/>

El Salvador is a state in Central America, bordering Guatemala and Honduras.

Hitching in El Salvador is not hard at all, and because of the size of the country it won't take you long to cross it. It is possible to pick up rides from people at petrol stations, and most of the time - like in the rest countries of Central America - you will end up sitting in a back of a pick-up truck.

Getting In

El Salvador borders Guatemala and Honduras. Honduran border of El Amatilio (towards Tegucigalpa & Nicaragua) is rather difficult to leave or reach on long distance vehicles but easy on short lifts. So go for the shorties. At El Amatilio on the Salvadoran side hitchhiker Craig recommends to get at least a lift to a gas station at a junction five kilometers into the country. The gas station is a good place to get long distance lifts!

There is another big border to Honduras at Ocotepeque.

A good border option for Guatemala is Las Chinamas.

Random advices

  • Take some sunscreen though because you can get burnt quickly.
  • Taste pupusas! The most wonderful food in the world!

Personal Experiences

I traveled around El Salvador sometime in 2010 by thumb. It was incredibly easy to get rides, and I found Salvadorans to be particularly friendly. The coast is steamy hot, and the black sands are remarkable. I was even able to hitch to the more remote location of El Mozote. Good hitchin-Chael777


A "traffic jam" on the roads of El Salvador

wikipedia:El Salvador

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