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<map lat='51.43046754788' lng='5.46947479248' zoom='11' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Brabant.png
Noord Brabant
Population: 210,876
Major roads: A2, A50, A58, A67
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Eindhoven is a city in Noord Brabant, Netherlands.

A reconstruction of the A2 and A58, which forms a bit more than 50% of the ring road around the city, was started in 2007 and will continue for some years, perhaps 2011. Two previously great access lanes for hitchhiking are not suitable anymore due to that, being the ones at A2 access lane 33 ("Waalre"/"Valkenswaard").

In a few years the fly overs on junction Leenderheide will be realised and the current traffic lights on the junction will not exist anymore. A few more hitchhiking spots will then disappear, but they are not really essential (Floraplein should work!).

Hitchhiking out

All Directions

Same as for going South, try it at the busstop at roundabout "Floraplein",here all cars go to the junction Leenderheide from where they can go in any direction.

South towards Maastricht, Aachen, south-west towards Antwerp, east to Venlo

There is a petrol station and a roundabout named "Floraplein" one kilometer north of the motorway-junction A2 x A67 (junction "Knooppunt Leenderheide"). There is a bus stop where people can easily stop just by this petrol station. This is a well known spot for hitchhiking, which was very popular in the times when Dutch students still had to pay for public transport. You can get here by taking the bus from the Central Train Station. You have two choices - bus 173 to Floraplein or bus 7 to Korianderstrasse. An alternative for "Floraplein" is walking 2 km in south west direction. There are two entrances (towards Antwerpen, and Venlo) to the A67/A2 next to the "Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven", at the Aalsterweg. Due to traffic lights, people clearly see you, and can stop easily.

North towards Den Bosch, Amsterdam, west towards Tilburg, Breda

A2 access lane 31 "Veldhoven" (A2 x Noord-Brabantlaan). Take bus 401/402 from Eindhoven Central Station. Get out at the bus stop just before the motorway, should take about 10 minutes. There are traffic lights to stand beside nearby.

South towards Maastricht, east towards Venlo, southwest towards Antwerp

A2 access lane 31 "Veldhoven" (A2 x Noord-Brabantlaan). Several modern buses per hour to Veldhoven. Get out at the bus stop just before the motorway. Use a sign on the onramp. Or ask at the traffic lights on the side of McD's (situation Feburary 2009). Do not confuse with A2 access lane 32 "Veldhoven-Zuid", this one is quite unsuitable in both directions.

North towards Nijmegen

There is a Shell petrol station on the J.F. Kennedylaan. Go there to find a lift to the A50. Hitchhiking on the road itself is not allowed because of the status of the road, although you might get away. The road has an emergency lane with traffic limited to 70 km/h. You may as well stand on the merging lane of the petrol station.

This gas station is really small, but it still could be possible to find a ride here. Myself, I did not like the place too much so I walked direction A50 to Nijmegen. If you decide to leave the gas station, you can walk for about 30+ minutes. At a certain point just before the actual ramp is a very tiny triangelish place of tarmac where a car can stop. However, this is far from an ideal spot. The flow of traffic is very dense. Go stand about 10-15 meters in front of the little spot so the car can stop on the tarmac. If you don't find a ride at the gasstation, this is an option to consider. This place might work better out of rush hour so there is more space and time between each car.Be carefull!--Robbel (talk) 13:39, 15 November 2013 (CET)

The employees at this petrol station might send you away, or tell you that standing on the emergency lane is too dangerous. Another option is to stand at the acceslane from "Tempellaan", there's an emergency lane here where cars can easily stop.

From the airport

When you arrive at the airport, just follow the signs to the motorway, you'll reach it in 15 Minutes. The airport traffic merges here with the traffic from the city, so it's easy to get a ride, but you will need a sign. According to Fverhart due to the motorway works this A2 access lane 30 "Eindhoven Airport" is not suitable any more to the north, to the south unknown. Alternative, walk further on the Anthony Fokkerweg until a small side-road and hitchhike there, or walk further to the second road crossing after the motorway. There is a bus stop, use sign. Or in stead walk towards the south-east for three kilometres to A2 access lane 31 "Veldhoven". Or try to find a ride on the parking area of the airport.