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Dubosevica-Udvar border crossing

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<map lat='45.895663' lng='18.660867' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='270' width='350' />

Dubosevica-Udvar border crossing joins Hungary and Croatia. It is located on the European road E73. Walking across this border is allowed.

Hitchhiking out

North into Hungary

The town of Mohács is just 10 km from the border, and the closest large city is Pécs. If hitching to Budapest, don't bother with short rides, as there are plenty of cars going from the border directly to Budapest.

South into Croatia

There are many trucks at the border driving as far as Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you can try hitching with them.

Otherwise, the city of Osijek is about 45 km from the border (road number 7/E73) and there the road joins the A5 motorway heading south, in the direction of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The A5 motorway also crosses the A3/E70 motorway about 60 km from Osijek, where you can turn east (towards Beograd) or west (towards Zagreb).