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Flag of Dominica Dominica
Language: English
Capital: Roseau
Population: 72,514
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Hitchability: <rating country='dm' />
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<map lat='15.41' lng='-61.37' zoom='10' view='3' country=Dominica' height='350'/>

Dominica is a small island nation in the Caribbean located in a chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles.

It has surprisingly lot of highways and shares something with Germany − no speed limits outside populated areas! Enjoying flying through very unique beautiful forests standing in the back of a utility/pickup/ute/truck. Very friendly people. Spend ten minutes walking out the Roseau as you'll get a lift quicker. Some out of the way areas have very little traffic but 50% will stop for you.

Hitching is easy and people are very friendly. Watch out for the cars that have TX/HX-plates. They're taxis and might want money.

Hitching onto boats is best in Portsmouth, as most will anchor there and you can catch them docking at the single pier, whereas Roseau has a little swell and still have up to about 20 international boats and has multiple piers quite distant from each other. Be careful in Portsmouth bay.

One note on couchsurfing, if a local accepts you be prepared that you may never learn their address/hear from them again as the "Yes means peace" philosophy runs strong in Dominica. In other words, "say yes but mean no", so as to not cause offence and avoid conflict... this of course only makes sense in the short term and does offend/create conflict long term, plus it also leaves you couchless).