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Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) is the German national railway company. Virtually all active train stations, all long-distance trains and and many regional trains and S-Bahn city trains are run by them.


Most regions of Germany offer some kind of transportation network, local DB trains are usually included and tickets from both of them are valid, although the pricing might be very different.

The normal fares are pretty expensive and usually not used by locals. There is a wide range of special offers and rebate systems, but they are rather difficult to use for single spontaneous trips. Some exceptions are the Wochenendticket (Weekend ticket) which is valid for a whole saturday or sunday for up to 5 persons in all regional trains in whole Germany. They are 35 EUR. This means, you can actually get i.e. from Munich to Hamburg for 7 EUR, but it will take you about 12 hours. On weekdays you can use the Länderticket, which is about 30 EUR and is valid 5 persons in all regional trains for one day in a certain Federal State.


On long distance trains (IC and ICE) you can buy a ticket from the conductor, which makes blackriding almost impossible. The fair will be 10% higher though. If you fall asleep (or pretend to), there is a chance that the conductor doesn't want to wake you up. Wearing headphones might help. Check the fares beforehand anyway, because they are pretty high.

In regional trains (S-Bahn, RegionalBahn or RegionalExpress) blackriding mostly doesn't make much sense, because chances that you reach your destination without getting into some kind of trouble are rather low.

On some regional trains, there is a ticket machine. This varies from region to region, so you should check it before.

Getting caught

  • if they get your ID, it means you'll be donating from 40 EUR to the full ticket price to the DBs shareholders (mostly the German state, if that makes you feel better)
  • You don't have to pay instantly, but usually by bank transfer within 10 days
  • As a last line of defense, conductors can call the police and legally keep you from leaving to prevent you from "illegally obtaining a service"
  • I have no idea if there are special rules if you don't possess a German ID