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Denver is Colorado's capital and largest city surrounded by many suburbs such as Centennial, Commerce City, Aurora and Westminster. The phrase urban sprawl comes to mind. But as with all big cities hitching just takes some time and patience.

Hitching Out

A Note About 1-25: I have avoided 1-25 like the plague while trying to leave Denver. I have sought out alternate routes that are indirect but A) more enjoyable scenery and B) I believe of higher likelihood of pick-up. If anyone knows a good spot going out on 1-25 from Denver, please update immediately.

NOTE: I-25 is the main throughway here. Not sure who wrote the previous paragraph, but people are incredibly nice in Denver, and I see no reason you would have to go so far out of your way.

North towards Boulder, Fort Collins

Find a way into the city of Golden (either hitch from 6th and Kalamath <legality questionable> or take the bus from Market Station and 16th Street), a small city famous for Coors Brewing and the School of Mines. Walk out of the city going northwest until you reach where Highway 6 turns into Highway 93, a large intersection of two highways. Continue north until you reach the sign marking mileage to Boulder. Continue from there to Longmont, Fort Collins, etc.

Note:Before departure, stop into Coors and ask for the "short tour" for a couple of free and refreshing Killians or Blue Moons with the local students partaking in what they have dubbed "Coors Lab." Simply ask anybody in the city how to get to the tasting room. But I digress.

West Into the Mountains

There is a gas station off of the Morrison exit on 470 if you seek to go to Evergreen or Conifer. Great little towns. There are park and ride spots near most of the 1-70 exits near the foothills that are in frequent use. Try hitching from there. Or take Highway 6 West from the 6/93 intersection in Golden.

East Towards Kansas

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South Towards Colorado Springs

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Public Transport

Light rail has various stops from the city center going south. Market St and 16th St has a major bus hub. Good to get you anywhere in the greater Denver area

Places to Avoid

Parts of downtown Denver, including the section of East Colfax between Broadway and Colorado Boulevard, and also the Five Points neighborhood northeast of the capital, are often considered by residents to be the most dangerous areas of the city. Opinions differ as to whether or not the reputation is deserved. Although at one point in the not so recent past areas such as Five Points had a high rate of poverty and crime, during the past decade getrification has generally reduced concerns for personal safety when visiting that area or almost any part of the city of Denver, at least for those familiar with seedier areas in large cities.

Accommodation and Sleep