De Lutte

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De Lutte
<map lat='52.313' lng='7' zoom='14' width='350' height='250' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Overijssel.png
Population: 3,460
Major roads: A1
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De Lutte is a village in the far east of the Netherlands, it is also home of the easternmost ramp in NL on the E30.

Hitchhiking out

Most of the time you'll be truly f*cked if you end up here. There is an exeption to this rule however;

East towards Poland

Try the infamous (the red dot on the map right) service station here on Sunday evening; at the edge of the village, about 1 km from the ramp. Most of the time it's shite for hitching, but Sunday evening it usually gets clogged with Polish lorry drivers, waiting for the magical 22.00 to appear.

Any other time of the week it's not worth the hassle and it's better to avoid this exit at all costs. If by any chance you'll get dropped off here anyway, try making a sign Bad Bentheim and see if you can hitch further from there. There is quite a bit of commuting between Oldenzaal and Bad Bentheim/Schüttorf/Nordhorn, and many of them needing to be the northern or central parts of Oldenzaal use this exit.

West towards Hengelo, Amsterdam

Nevertheless hitchhiking into the Netherlands is pretty much o.k. compared to the spot in direction east. The on-ramp has enough space for cars to pull over. Most of the traffic are commuters only going towards the second (32) and third (31) on-ramp in Oldenzaal and Hengelo, ask if they can drop you at ramp 32 which is excellent for hitching west (and shite for east; 31 and 33 are "eastbound" ramps, 30 and 32 are "westbound" ) Of course, this does not matter if you're only going towards Hengelo.