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{{Cities Czech Republic}}
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== Cities ==
[[Category:Czech Republic]]
* [[Prague]]
* [[Brno]]
* [[Havlickuv Brod]]
* [[Plzen|Plzeň]]
* [[Prostejov|Prostějov]]
{{IsIn|Eastern Europe}}
[[Category:Czech Republic| ]]

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<map lat='49.738681639280024' lng='15.62255859375' zoom='6' view='0' />

Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Capital: Prague
Population: 10,403,100
Currency: Czech crown (CZK)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)
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Czech Republic is a country in Europe, with borders to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. It is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement. Hitchhiking is mostly easy.

Czech Republic is a in-transit country with dense traffic at main roads. Except native drivers you can find there many (especially truck drivers) from near-by countries and from west and east Europe. Local truck drivers are really friendly, young car drivers often take two hitchhikers at time, and there are many experiences that really friendly driver takes hitchhiker several km near better place for hitchhiking (city, crossing, hostel..) or right in to place which hitchhiker travelled. For example in bad weather. Older drivers usually speak only speak Czech, often Russian and possibly a tiny bit of German. Younger drivers can speak English. Hitchhiking is easy but for young couple or two girls is more easier.

Hitchhiking is not allowed at highways and motorways - see map. There is best to ask somebody at gas station or service station. Hitchhiker isnt protected by drivers insurance. Be sure you are at transparent place - in summer there are many speeding mad motorcycle drivers in Czech Republic.

Highways motorways CZ.png