Crossable rest areas in Germany

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Some of the following German Raststättes do allow, according to Tanken & Rasten 1997, Zweites Halbjahr (the last offial booklet of the Tank & Rast organisation) traffic to cross from one side to the other. Note that the information was copied verbatim, and no attempt was made to verify the current situation!

In Germany passing to the opposite rest area is almost always possible through so-called "service roads". Using these service roads it takes quite often less than 20 minutes to go to the opposite rest area, and almost always the walk can be completed within 45 minutes.

From you can check more details about German Raststättes (eg. if they have wifi or showers).

Autobahn A1

  • Buddikate
  • Dammer Berge, the famous bridge Raststätte
  • Grundbergsee
  • Hamburg-Stillhorn
  • Lichtendorf
  • Ostetal
  • Remscheid
  • Tecklenburger Land
  • Wildeshausen

Autobahn A2

  • Gütersloh
  • Garbsen, road tunnel
  • Lehrter See, pedestrian bridge
  • Börde

Autobahn A3

  • Ferntal
  • Siegburg, pedestrian bridge
  • Spessart
  • Steigerwald
  • Weiskirchen

Autobahn A4

Autobahn A5

  • Bruchsal

Autobahn A7

  • Brunautal
  • Allertal
  • Hannover Wülferode
  • Göttingen
  • Kassel
  • Hasselberg
  • Rhön
  • Seesen

Autobahn A8

  • Irschenberg, Raststätte is on the Salzburg-bound side
  • Stuttgart

Autobahn A9

  • Fürholzen, Raststätte is on the Northbound side, southbound there is/was a small parking. (July 2014: current situation is not clear) Crossing requires a walk of about 20 minutes, partly through the fields.
  • Nürnberg Feucht, car and pedestrian tunnels
  • Frankenwald, the other bridge Raststätte

Autobahn A10

  • Michendorf, bridge on the Hannover-bound side of the Raststätte, involves a 15-20 minutes walk. When crossing from Michendorf Süd to Michendorf Nord, point A on the linked map can be reached by walking out of the Raststätte on the grassy strip. Once you reach a big fence on your left hand, on the map it leads to a bright green field, you should climb up along the fence and walk along the fence to point A.

Autobahn A27

  • Langwedel-Daverden

Autobahn A99

  • Vaterstetten, road tunnel, Ottendichler Straße - to get to this tunnel from Vaterstetten Ost, i.e. the Salzburg/Innsbruck bound side, it's best (Prino has done this several times) to walk a bit through the forest next to the Autobahn slip-road, as going via the "service road" will take a lot more time.