Crossable rest areas in France

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In France most service stations have fences around them. Service roads usually have a fence as well and a gate for pedestrians. The following Aires de service in France do allow you to cross from one side to the other. This overview is far from complete and currently only includes stations on the motorways east of Lyon.

Autoroute A6

  • Dracé / Taponas (exits 29-30), crossable in northbound direction in 20 minutes.
  • Chères Ouest / Chères Est (exits 32-XA466), pedestrian bridge.
  • Dardilly / Bruyères-Paisy (exits 33-33.1), bridge, crossable between the (not exactly oppositely situated) service stations in 20 minutes.

Autoroute A40

  • Bourg Teyssonge / Bourg Jasseron (exits 6-7), pedestrian bridge.
  • Ceignes Cerdon / Ceignes Haut-Bugey (exits XA42-8), crossable in eastbound direction in 20 minutes.
  • Valleiry (exits 11-XA41), crossable in eastbound direction in 10 minutes.
  • Bonneville (exits 16-17), pedestrian bridge.

Autoroute A41

  • Drumettaz / Mouxy (exits 13-14), crossable in southbound direction in 30 minutes.
  • Fontanelles / La Ripaille (exits 15-16), crossable in southbound direction in 10 minutes.
  • Le Granier / L'Abis (exits 20-21), pedestrian bridge.
  • Bois-Claret / Saint-Nazaire-les-Eymes (exits 24-24a), pedestrian bridge.

Autoroute A42

  • Lyon - Montluel / Lyon - Dagneux (exits 5.1-6), pedestrian bridge.

Autoroute A43

  • L'Isle-d'Abeau (exits 6-7), pedestrian bridge.
  • Val-Gelon L'Arclusaz (exit 23), crossable in northeastbound direction in 5 minutes.

Autoroute A46

  • Mionnay-Saint-Galmier / Mionnay-Chatanay (exits 2-2.1), pedestrian bridge.

Autoroute A48

  • Voreppe / Île Rose (exits 12-13), crossable in southeastbound direction in 15 minutes

Autoroute A410

  • Crêts Blancs / Groisy (exit XA40-19), crossable in northeastbound direction in 20 minutes