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<map lat='55.655389288295465' lng='12.569520263671875' zoom='11' view='3' float='right'/>
Flag of Denmark
State: Hovedstaden
Population: 520,659
Licence plate: -
Major roads: E20, E47, E55
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Copenhagen (Danish: København) is the capital of Denmark.

Copenhagen Nyhavn

Hitchhiking out

East towards Malmö, Sweden

On the road to Malmö, leading to the bridge, you might be able to hitch a ride. Next to this spot, you can also ask drivers at the hypermarket, where a lot of Swedes go shopping before returning home. (probably not as common anymore since the strong danish krona have made it expensive for Swedes to shop in Denmark. Nowadays danish people go to Sweden to shop)

The best spot to hitchhike to Sweden is probably at Kastrup Airport. Take the metro to the station "lufthavn" and then go to the roundabout next to McDonalds/Netto/Statoil (its left of the metro exit). Just after the roundabout there is a bus stop were the cars are able stop, which makes it a good place to hitchhike from. You will also be able to keep an eye on the gas station and hopefully spot some cars with Swedish plates from that place.. This hitchhiking spot has been used regularly by Öresund hitchhikers and was also the winning choice in a Copenhagen-Malmö hitchhiking competition. If you are in a hurry you shouldn't accept rides that are shorter than Malmö, since it could be difficult to catch a ride along the motorway. If you want to travel further up in Sweden you should check out the advices given in the Sweden(Malmö)section..

You can also take a train to Sydhavn, only 2 stops after the main station and hitch on Sydhavnsgade. We hitched before the shell service station because it was a weekend and a business carpark entry was closed. We also saw people with a sign just after shell. Its a good road. We had a lift on Sunday afternoon after 15 minutes.

West towards Roskilde, Fyn or Jylland

There are several ways of getting out of Copenhagen. Just make sure you do not get stuck at Køge Heading west you have the following options:

Option 1:

Catch either S-tog A, E or F and get off at Ny Ellebjerg station. From the train station, walking west along the road Folehaven you'll see a few traffic lights to slow down the cars and plenty of space for cars to pull over. If you don't have any luck along the road keep walking a few hundred metres and you'll see the petrol station mentioned before close to the beginning of motorway 21. ColAlf experienced that this option is good when heading towards Roskilde or catching a ferry to Jutland from Sj. Odde or Kalundborg (see below). If nobody stops, you could also walk some 100m behind the traffic light to the hard shoulder where the motorway begins.

Option 1a:
Hitchhiking spot at Folehaven/Vigerslevvej, an option is to stand on the hard shoulder at the beginning of the motorway you can see in the background

An easier way to get to the same spot mentioned in option 1 is to take bus #A1 Avedøre to Folehaven/Vigerslevvej. There' you'll see the crossing to Folehaven which is the beginning of the motorway 21. Additionally you can take to following busses also going that direction. Make sure you get out at Folehaven/Vigerslevvej: bus #10 Flintholm St., #133 Avedøre St., #65E Avedøre St. There's a petrol station some meters before the crossing. You'll also find a bus stop where you can stand on, or just pull out your thumb on the hard shoulder next to the street. A sign saying the direction might be helpful. Keep in mind that traffic might be pretty fast here already, but nevertheless platschi got rides here twice within 5 minutes. For this spot, see the image on the right.

Option 2:

Catch a regional train or the metro M1 and get off at Ørestad station. Walk across the parking area of Field's and you'll find the first on-ramp. Be aware that there are two on-ramps joining each other when heading west - make sure to be on the most busy one.

Option 3:

If you prefer service stations along the motorway catch S-tog E towards Køge and get off at Karlslunde station. When you step out of the train, be sure to turn into the direction where the train was coming from. Take this side's exit out of the station, then turn right. When you reach Mosede Landevej turn right. Walk down here to the end, then turn right onto Karlslunde Strandvej, walk down here for about 5-10 minutes. At the second roundabout turn right onto Karlslunde Mosevej. This street leads you right to the motorway. If you are hitching south or west, you need to be on the right side of the road, so cross under the bridge and take a left over a small wooden bridge. Then you go up a little hill to get into the service station. The train from the main station to Karlslunde takes you about 30 minutes, and it should take another 30 minutes to walk to the service station. Be aware that there are not many street signs guiding your way. The train ticket costs 63 Kroner. Passengers seem to be checked for their tickets regularly and getting caught without a ticket can cost 636 Kroner (105 Euros). Especially if they can't check whether the address you're telling them is correct, they might try to take the money you have with you, so better (pretend to) not have money for paying this.

Option 4:

Take the S-tog E towards Køge and hop off at Ølby. Walk down Lyngvej towards the motorway or take a more safe, legal but more complicated way. At the bridge over the motorway there's a roundabout and the motorway entrance both to south and west. This is the last ramp before the E20/E47 fork. Loads of trucks drive through here because there's a big transport and service centre nearby ("Skandinavisk Transport Center").

South towards Rødby, Germany

Options #1 and #1a mentioned above are recommended if heading south. If you're more into service stations, you could also use option #3 or #4.

Ferry between Sjælland and Jylland

Hitching a ferry between Sjælland and Jylland is possible, too, as you don't pay per person but per car on the ferry. Option #1 mentioned above is probably the best way for getting a car towards Holbæk and further on to Sj. Odde or Kalundborg. Ferry timetables can be found at Mols-Linien but they run quite frequently. Be aware that the ferry from Kalundborg is very slow (about 3 hours to Aarhus).