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Flag of Romania
County: Constanţa
Population: 304,279 (July 2007)
Major roads: A2
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Constanţa is one of the largest Romanian cities, on the Black Sea shore.

Northwest towards Ploieşti E 87 E 60, north towards the Danube Delta, Moldova E 87

From anywhere in Constanţa look for bus 43 to Carrefour. From this shopping complex you'll easily find a lift north on the E87.

The E87 proceeds straight into the Danube Delta region and the city of Tulcea. For points northwest, the E60 branches off at the town of Lumina, 10 km outside of Constanţa.

South towards Vama Veche, Varna (BG) E 87

You'll have to walk quite a bit, here. Follow the directions out of the city (if you happen to be on the west side of the city, it costs about 30 euro cents to get the bus into the centre..Jass found after 3 hours in the severe heat, that no cars seemed to be going south when coming from the west..somehow..). You'll eventually get to a roundabout. Here you can hitch to Vama Veche and the border. Best just to have a sign for Bulgaria rather than Varna if this is your direction as it's still quite a way. Be careful at the border. Jass got to the border at 7 and in two hours, to nightfall, there were 3 cars that passed. Picking up his bag and walking to find a place to camp, the fourth passed and then stopped. Weeheee!

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