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Amylin hitching in Luoping

Yunnan is a province in the southwest of China. It's the most pluralistic province of China and is a relatively undeveloped area. Hitchhiking is quite doable, though a lot easier on the main routes to and from the capital of Kunming than on other roads. Even when going from Kunming it's better to choose a "bigger" road than a shorter route, as roads in Yunnan tend to go through mountains and leave you breathless from the beauty and lack of transport. The thumb sign is sometimes understood. Hardly anyone speaks any English.

Hitching Out/In

  • Coming from Laos, Mengla will probably be the first city you enter.
  • When you're going to Laos you can get a 30 day Laos visa on arrival in Boten. You will need a blank page in your passport.
  • There is a new highway between Laos and Mengla-Jinghong which will cut travel time by half, or even more - take this into account when reading up on travel stories from the early 2000s.

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