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amylin hitching in Northern California

California is a state in the United States of America. Hitchhiking here is easier than in a lot of other states of the US. You usually won't be harassed by cops.

Regions & Cities

North Coast

Central California



Southern California

Major Highways

I-5 and CA-99 both run up and down the middle of California in the Central Valley. I-5 is a long-distance freeway; stick to truck stops. CA-99 is a more urban route, connecting towns and cities.

I-1 goes up and down the Coast, with beautiful scenery, but not the easiest to hitch on for the most part. I-101 from San Francisco up through Marin (San Raphael), Sonoma (Santa Rosa), Mendocino (Mendocino) and Humboldt (Arcata, Eureka) Counties is arguably the easiest hitching in the US.

Recommended places

The following places are recommended: Big Sur (I-1 & I-101), Jade Beach, Crescent City has a beautiful shore/beach. Yosemite (Highway 120), Sequia National Park, and the redwoods are a must. Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco is long gone and beat like a drum, but you might meet a few interesting people there. Arcata is mad cool as well.


Vallejo seems pretty ghetto, though the rest stop in Vallejo is really good.

Humbolt county is real good. They have a Hoopa indian reservation up there that is pretty good. They'll stop if you're walking on the side because they think you're one of them, and then once they stop they feel bad and give you a ride anyway. Lord Ellis peak took me about half an hour to get a ride to Redding.

Route 101, North from San Francisco and Route 1, towards Santa Cruz, are great roads to hitch, arguably the easiest hitchhiking in the United States. Incredibly beautiful scenery too.

Also, if you are heading down (or up) the coast, try and get to Mendocino. It's the county in Cali that produces the most marijuana, and there is this awesome communal farm there.