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Bordeaux is a city in the South West of France.

Hitching Out

Bordeaux is encircled by the Rocade, a fast dual-carriageway bypass, with no places to stop and pick up hitchhikers. This makes leaving Bordeaux tricky, although not impossible. It is best to hitchhike on the approach roads to the Rocade in the direction you wish to travel.

To Paris

Take the Bus 12,28,91,92 stop "Maurice Riviére" or bus 91, 9, stop "Place de Latule"

To Biarritz, Spain, Toulouse

The official advice is: "Quai de la grave" + "Rue des Allemandiers" (Bus 2,3,4,5,6,28,91,92) but Carl has had more success at the roundabout where Quai Paludate, Quai Brienne and Rue Carle Vernet meet. Carry a clear sign indicating your direction (Biarritz or Toulouse work best, depending on your direction), and stand in the layby on the roundabout at the entrance to Rue Carle Vernet, so you catch the traffic from the preceding two junctions heading for the Rocade. ��������������������